Brother Fucks Junkie Sisters Mouth

Lance gets home from work to find his junkie sister on his futon.  She must have let herself in.  She’s out of rehab again, and begging him to let her stay with him.  “Please don’t make me go live in a halfway house?  Those bitches that live there are trashy and steal my shit…”

Lance doesn’t want Lydia to live with him.  She’s stolen from him in the past.  She isn’t really welcome anywhere at this point.  He can’t even believe anything she has to say.  She’s lied so much.  He grabs her by the arm and starts to throw her out of his place when she drops to her knees and starts begging.  “I’ll do anything!”

Lance unzips his pants and tells her fill her lying whore mouth with his cock.  At least he won’t have to listen to her junkie bullshit this way.  He fucks her face until he cums in her mouth.  She spits him cum out all over self.

“Ok sis, I’ll take care of you.  I don’t know how long I will, but for now when I want this (points to her mouth) or this (grabs her pussy over her trashy leggings) it’s mine…

He throws a broom at her and tells her to clean her shit up.