Not a Back Massager Bro

Lily Lane just got home from her pole class.  Her feet are killing her from working out in stripper heels.  She’s wearing a bodysuit and leg warmers.  She hears something, and yells at her brother, “Are you in my room!?”

Lance is in her room using her Doxy Wand as a back massager.  “This thing is great!  Is this what you do all night?  I can hear it from my room…”

Lily is frustrated that he’s in her room and grossed out that he’s using her wand like an idiot.  She shows him what it’s really for and puts on on her pussy over her bodysuit.

Lance is immediately fascinated.  “You already broke the seal when you jerked me off the other day… show me how you use it!”

Lily is mostly just annoyed with him, but also really wants a foot rub and an orgasm so she makes him massage her feet while she masturbates until she cums in bed.  Lance is a creep so he mostly licks her feet the whole time.

After she cums, Lance licks the wet spot on her bodysuit.  She kicks him out of her room.