Thirsty Girlfriend and Some Pies

Leila Hazlett is dating Lance Hart.  Lance is short on rent and has to borrow some money from his girlfriend.  He’s super embarrassed about how she has a good job and he doesn’t.  Right after he asks her for money, Lance’s buddy Pierce Paris drops by to use their shower after the gym.  He’s hot as fuck and Leila is all over him.

Leila tells Lance they need a roommate, and Pierce should move in.  From then on, she makes a rule that both men have to be naked at all times if she is paying all the bills…  She plays with their dicks whenever she wants.  She especially loves getting Lance hard while she makes him watch her suck Pierce’s huge dick.

Leila plays with them a lot, kissing them after blowjobs and asking how each other’s dicks taste…

Finally when Leila makes Pierce cum on Lance’s face, Lance puts his foot down.  Pierce grabs Leila’s arms “I got you bro,” and holds her while Lance blows a load all over her face and gets some on Pierce by accident… “sorry bro”

Leila is a little upset about it, so she smooches pies in their faces.